Custom Design with Maggie Lee (DWML)

"Not only am I fortunate to design and create jewelry that captures the things I am passionate about, I am also grateful for the privilege to do the same for my clients," says Maggie.

Much of Maggie's custom design work is highly sentimental. Some commissions are expressions of love and betrothal, some are memorial pieces representing a loved one who has passed away. Others commemorate a milestone. Whatever the sentiment, Maggie holds it in the highest regard and considers it an honor to be a part of this experience. 

When designing a custom piece, sometimes her client has a very specific desire. They may want to have a strong part in the design process, or a treasured gem they’d like to showcase. Sometimes, Maggie is asked to take the lead and offer concepts for their approval. Whichever course is taken, Maggie wants her clients to get the most from their experience of creating an expressive, beautiful heirloom that will last generations.

Give the gift of one-on-one design — with Maggie Lee! From start to finish, DWML gifts combine imagination, originality, brilliance, and unparalleled expertise to create a perfectly-personalized piece that will thrill the lucky recipient! It’s the gift of true creativity.

The DWML Presentation Gift Bag includes:

·  Gift certificate for any amount you choose 
·  One-on-one design time with Maggie Lee
·  Clever hints that reveal your special gift


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