Ah the romantic side of my designing; capturing your passion for your Beloved into a beautiful piece of jewelry! A perfectly suited bridal set comes from a well developed designing intuition when working with a client. It is my passion to create jewelry that not only expresses your style but also represents your love and commitment. It is my experience that allows me to design a piece that will endure through the years to be a  treasured heirloom for generations to come.

In choosing the perfect ring for you we can start with an idea you may have or come up with an idea together. By asking you the right questions I assess what will absolutely thrill your beloved  AND be suited to their lifestyle. I have great pricing on certified, conflict free diamonds and colored gemstones and every ring comes with an appraisal for your insurance. We don't always need to custom design as I also carry all the classics and many contemporary settings. I will set the chosen diamond and detail the ring to our high standards so I can confidently stand behind every piece. I work in 14K, 18K, platinum and palladium with my gems or yours. 


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