Custom Design

I am a lucky girl. Not only do I get to design and create my collections to  capture things I am passionate about into  jewelry designs but I also get the privilege to work closely with my clients making custom designs to help them capture theirs. So much of my custom design work is highly sentimental for my clients for many different reasons. Some designs are expressions of love and betrothal, some are memorial pieces representing a loved one who has passed away, and others may be commemorating life’s milestones, or represent one’s family. Whatever the sentiment, I hold it in the highest regard and consider it a privilege and gift to be a part of this experience. I want my clients to get the most from this experience as we design and create an heirloom that will be beautiful, expressive and last through generations.

I house a variety of beautiful gems and have great sources for special orders. However, maybe you have a gem you’d like me to work with or have inherited jewelry and you want some ideas for revamping into something that’s more of your taste. I encourage you to gather the old jewelry you no longer wear and let me upcycle it into a wonderful new piece for you.  Any old precious metals that aren't being used can be traded in towards the cost. It's a great way to recycle, save money and have a beautiful   new piece of jewelry!

When custom designing we start with an idea or maybe a treasured gem and build from there. You may have the idea or maybe want me to come up with some for you. You may want to have a strong part in the designing process or you may want me to take the lead and offer suggestions. Whatever the case, simply fill out the form below and we will get started. 


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