Witnessing Love, The Joy of My Job!

February 06 2024

Witnessing Love, The Joy of My Job!

Witnessing Love, The Joy of My Job!

Sparkling red hearts are telling us the season of love is here, romantic love that is. As an engagement ring specialist and custom jeweler, I witness all types of love year-round. It brings me so much joy to help you express yours through jewelry.

Maggie Lee Designs Bridal Jewelry

Romantic LOVE is usually expressed on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and for the spontaneous gift-giver, those just-because-I-love-you moments. Engagement rings, wedding bands, and gifts that hold special meaning are pieces that make me smile and shine brightly on the future of both young couples beginning their journey together and more “seasoned” (wink-wink) newlyweds like my husband and me. See my gallery of custom bridal creations for inspiration.

Maggie Lee Designs Family Love Jewelry

Family LOVE. Jewelry featuring birthstones and/or heirloom gems embodies the powerful connection of family. From "push presents" for new parents, birthstone charms and rings, to memorial pieces, these are meant to be cherished. See my gallery of custom creations or Birthstone Jewelry for Mom story for inspiration.

 Maggie Lee Designs Coastal Jewelry

LOVE of the Sea is captured in my Coastal and Compass Rose collections as I too share this passion. Whether you love being on the water or simply near it, I create jewelry to express it! Anchors, ropes, buoys, clam baskets — nautical-themed jewelry is my specialty.

 Maggie Lee Designs Custom Jewelry Design

LOVE of Gems and Baubles. When you are simply amazed and enthralled by the gorgeous color of gems and design. Each year I go on a gem spree, searching for unique and rare stones, and host an ImaGEMation event at the studio. It's a great opportunity to design something totally unique with a stone that inspired me or was selected especially for you. See my gallery of custom creations for endless possibilities.


I am honored to create this jewelry that commemorates your love. I thank you for this heart-warming opportunity.

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