Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands

March 05 2022

Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands

Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands

It's March 5th and Maggie is just recovering from Valentine's Day! This year was a banner year for her brides — with one-on-one consultations, diamond selections, and custom engagement rings. Now it's time for her couples to start planning their events and more importantly, their wedding bands. Here are five tips for choosing the perfect set for you and your partner and Maggie is here to guide you through it.

1. Choose a color that works with your skin tone. You may think those black Tungsten bands look so cool, but the grey-tone option may look even better on your skin tone.

2. Choose something that will be comfortable to wear. It starts with your finger shape — there is a right width and size for every finger. Also consider what your hands will be doing: will you wear your ring to the gym, rock climbing, holding tools? 

3. Choose something that won't go out of style. You are in this for the long haul!

4. Choose something that works with your other jewelry. Not only do you want to coordinate the style with your other favorite pieces, but it is super important to consider the fit of the band with your engagement ring. Maggie has repaired many rings where an ill-fitting wedding band wore down the sides of the engagement ring from a bad fit. Let's keep this from happening to your precious rings!

5. Choose something that you absolutely love, even if it doesn't match your partner's ring. We'll find a way to help a couple coordinate their bands while still expressing their individual style.

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