Compass Rose Rope Rim Women's XL 14K Two-Tone Gold Pendant with a Shackle Bail

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The image of a compass rose has long symbolized adventure and exploration by pointing the way through life's journey. Maggie's Compass Rose Rope Women's XL 14K Two-Tone Gold pendant is a fabulous statment piece. Two solid starnds of 14K yellow gold twisted together create the Rope Frame around the brilliantly polished XL 14K white gold Cpmpass Rose.The piece has a 1 3/8" diameter and features a bold 14K white gold shackle bail.The shackle bail adds versitility so it fits wonderfully on your Omega style chain, dresses down on leather or as a long bauble on a 24" Chain. This timeless piece can also be set with a Diamond or Cabachon Sapphire. Choose the perfect chain on our chain page to complete the look of this piece.

Chains priced separately.