Compass Rose

I was captured by the symbolism of the Compass Rose...

This collection started in 2007 with an owner of a Jeanneau sailboat commissioning a custom pendant to match the emblem of her beloved yacht, the emblem being a compass rose. This project led me to research of the origins and meaning of the Compass Rose and I was drawn in. I was captivated by this ancient symbol and how it represented what I strive for in life; true north, adventure, exploration, staying the course, journeys, - all with direction and guidance. As I work on this collection I find myself contemplating the many ways the Compass symbolism can relate to so many different aspects of life. For my sailing clientele it obviously is a classic nautical emblem with an even deeper symbol of this adventure we call life. For some it is worn as a Talisman to represents staying on course through the many things we navigate in life. Many custom commissions are for other very special sentimental representations.  

The original design propelled an ever-evolving collection of Compass Rose jewelry capturing my love of adventures at sea, appreciation of the spirit of life and my passion for jewelry design.