Caribbean Dreams

Caribbean Dreams Collection Tropical inspired jewelry designs for men and women. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings made in 14K, 18K, Sterling Silver and Platinum set with pearls and fine gemstones capturing the colors and feel of the Caribbean.  

Turquoise waters contrast blue skies, toes dig into glistening  white sand, a  tropical breeze cools your skin-at last you can exhale life’s chaos. A beautiful shell catches your eye and you leisurely contemplate nature’s exquisite design. Passion for these moments is captured in my Caribbean Dreams collection. Lustrous pearls, soothing gems combined with mixed metals and wave-like details give this collection the relaxed tropical feel of the Caribbean.  

Back in the late 90’s a seemingly never-ending winter rolled into a cold raw spring leaving me dreaming of warm Caribbean beaches and turquoise water. I soon found myself enthralled in designing pieces that had the nurturing warmth and ease of the Caribbean.  If I couldn’t be in the Caribbean I would bring the Caribbean to me. Soon my workbench was overflowing with smooth lustrous pearls and glistening gemstones in all different hues of Caribbean water. Designs reflecting the curl of a wave, a seashell's pattern and special textures to mimic the sun reflecting on sand and water...these are the traits that poured forth into this soul warming collection.